Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Glory Days (and New Word Wednesday)

Yesterday my friend Christy and I took a road trip to our alma mater to relive our glory days. Or our glory afternoon, as the case may be. Notice that all my pictures involve food.

This thing of beauty is brought to you by one of my favorite college delis, City Bites. It's the California Club on Tomato Bread. This sandwich alone got me through three years of college. Not really, but I ate a lot of them and it's WAY better than it looks in the pic.

The highlight of the trip for Christy was a stop at Classic Fifties. (It's pretty much a Sonic, but if you tell Christy I said so, I'll deny it.) She assured me this was our favorite place to go for half price slushies. I don't really remember it, so I had to ask her what my favorite thing here was. It was not the Sprittle, it just sounded so interesting I couldn't pass it up: Sprite + Skittles = Sprittle.

It is just as it sounds: a cup of icy cold Sprite with Skittles dumped in it. Have you ever heard of bubble tea? It's super hip.
I think Sprittle is redneck bubble tea. It's super gross.

As we sat at Classic Fifties, I couldn't help but glance at the car to my right. I wish the photo was better, so you could really see what this is, but my window wouldn't roll down. There is a pile of already chewed gum on the dashboard with a dinosaur skeleton perched on top.

What do you wanna bet she ordered a Sprittle?
I know it's Wednesday and I don't want to let Melanie down. So the word of the day is inspired by yesterday's road trip. The word is:
Bonhomie (bah nuh mee) It's a noun meaning good-natured geniality; an atmosphere of good cheer. The bonhomie on our road trip made me wish Christy and I didn't live so far apart. (FYI: Once in college I made Christy laugh so hard she threw up. That's how much fun we have together.)


Christy said...

Memories, light the corners of my mind.

The way we were: goofy

The way we are all these years later: still goofy

If you didn't go back and read my comment reply on my project 365 post, go do it!

Brooke said...

Okay, that last pic is basically the most disgusting thing I have seen. Well, close enough! Who does that???

Rich and Miriam said...

I LOVE reading your blog! It always makes me smile! :)

Happy New Year!

Sami said...

Ok, that sounds so fun! The sandwich sounds awesome and looks messy! The sprittle - there are NO words except Yuck!!!! Miss ya!

Sara said...

Oh, good ole Oklahoma treats! I'm glad you had a great time. Will you visit Denton & UNT with me when I have to go? Pretty please?

Ami said...

How could you not tell me about any of this?! And what are the chances I could make a Sprittle at home?!

ROSENFAM said...

okay...the sprittle is absolutely gross!!!

tiger said...