Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At Least He's Cute

I don't know why, but blogging has shifted to chore status for me lately, and not even one of my favorite chores (vacuuming and laundry). I used to look at life from a blogging perspective...for about a year every worthwhile moment/experience/thought/event was accompanied by the notion that I should blog it. Something has changed for me recently. Some of you have noticed it too. I received the following message from a friend on Facebook this evening:

"I really really need a new blog post from you. I always look forward to them! Get Seth a straight jacket and strap him to post. You can get something done then. :) "

Both timely and ironic.

Seth is our family scapegoat. Any negative outcome or undesirable hiccup in any situation is blamed on Seth. Every phone off the hook, every clean laundry pile unfolded, every cup of water spilled, every toy bin dumped out, every bag of Cheerios found smashed into the carpet, every toilet played in, every drawer removed and overturned, every meal thrown up, every full box of cereal found emptied on the floor, every late arrival to any function or cancellation of the activity all-together...it ALL gets blamed on Seth. In defense of the rest of the family, 9 times out of ten--it really is Seth's fault. In Seth's defense, he's taking it well. Though while I'm here and have the opportunity, I'm going to blame my recent blogging slump on him too. Because this is what I find when I try to get anything done with him around:

Oh Seth. Dozens of times a day I hear little voices insist "it was Seth!" 9 times out of ten, I sigh and mumble, "At least he's cute." For the time being anyway...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Cutest Quilt Ever

Hey remember that one time I had a blog?...and I posted things on it?...regularly? Me too. I know, I've been lame lately. It's not that we haven't had interesting things going on around here. Quite the opposite in fact--we've had so many interesting things going on around here that I can't be bothered to blog and only the seriously dramatic amputation stories make it on. I think we're done with those for a little while (though I will give you a yummy after pic in the next few days) so now I can just catch up with the not as dramatic stuff.

The day before Seth's accident I finished that quilt I was working on. Since it finally made it to its intended recipient last week I thought I'd show you the finished product. I had to get it in the mail before I had a change of heart and sold it to the highest bidder! It really is one of my all-time favorite projects:

I'm trying to decide on the color palette for the next one...sadly, it too already has a designated recipient.