Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toothless Grin

Brigham has been working on a loose tooth for a couple of weeks. It's been loose, but hasn't shown any signs of going anywhere. While I was gone, Hunter punched Brigham in the mouth and out came the tooth. He put it on his night stand (he was afraid if he put it under his pillow the Tooth Fairy would wake him up) and scored $2.

Before I could have someone take a picture, the other front tooth came out. I was so bummed that I missed the photo op that I tried to make him stick it back in yesterday when I got back into town to stage a picture. He wouldn't have anything to do with that idea, so this is all I've got:

Not wanting me to miss everything, Brigham decided to hang on to the 2nd tooth an extra night so he could show it to me. After having it for a little while longer than he had the other one, he didn't really want to part with it at all. But he still wanted some money. Oh the dilemmas of a 6 year old boy! I suggested he try negotiating with the Tooth Fairy. This is what he came up with:

Brigham's Tooth Fairy is SO accommodating! He got $1 and the tooth.


Brooke said...

Sounds like a fair trade to me! I think the toothless grin is adorable. Way to go Hunter! I am sure he just wanted to help is brother out, right?

Sara said...

Bren, Eli & I laughed so hard at this post! What a doll!

Erin said...

He and Ashlynn look just the same now! It is one of my favorite looks for kids!

Cami, Chris and Bretton said...

That's hilarious! I love the note the best and how he spelled "keep"

Danell said...

That's a cute story... by the way - Brigham has really nice penmanship. I've seen many grown adults who can't write (or spell) as well as he can. :)