Friday, March 13, 2009

Hiatus #2

I've been feeling like I've abandoned you.  I am out of town again-back to the Valley of the Sun- for a few days.  I meant to post this before I left, so you wouldn't expect anything new, and I just didn't get it done.  Life.  I'll be in touch next week!

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milan said...

my retardo phone will not let me make outgoig calls or even give up the phone numbers locked in its busom. i'm hoping it snapps out of it but its technollogy so its anyones' guess. You can call me at 623 780 598 or 480 248 4719. I really am dying to talk to you in ways that don't touch the stupid confidentiality agreement. Plus I just need to spend time with you as a friend apart from all this and get a feel on your well being. Any time you say the word we get to do the whole spa experience for free, so thats probably worth shuffling some crap around for . Let me know what your plans are I can be flexible and of course i'll come anywhere to get you. Don;t feel bad if you can fit me in this time but a phone call is at lease in order. I miss yuo. hope to see you. Staci typos are ars jt not to get proofread...its just too damn late Ill tak to you soon!