Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Part Deux

We have officialy survived our second winter storm. Brigham and Hunter don't know they're supposed to be miserable. They have gone outside to play every chance they've gotten. I really don't know where they get that. Not from me. It's just a kid thing I guess.

This homely little snowman was sitting on the front porch when I got back from running errands yesterday.


Brooke said...

Ha ha. I love that snowman. We have similar pics from when we lived in Texas. Little did we know that we would one day experience real snowstorms in Utah!

Peterson Family said...

Hey Brenda!! I just came across your blog from Karissa's. :) Your boy's look so great and I can't believe the sandy blond you have in there (Hunter right?) WOW ,what a cutie!! ALL your boys are darling.

PS I am a little jealous of the snow, my boys have never seen any STILL! I think they'd LOVE it! ;)

Mom said...

Well, I just had to jump in here to say that this enjoyment of winter wonderlands is not just for kids. Afterall I was the one out there taking the pictures. It is always beautiful when you can just play in it and not have to work or travel in it. And the perfect excuse for tons of hot chocolate.