Saturday, January 3, 2009

Random Holiday Pics

Today I am posting some miscellaneous pictures from Christmas and New Years, then I am declaring the 2008/2009 holiday season finito.

This is what constitutes "happy holidays" for Brigham:

Hunter's version of the Nativity Story:

Hunter greeted Christmas Eve carolers by licking the window by the front door. Brigham was quick to join in:

Brigham and Hunter were asleep by 7:30 pm. Seth rang in the New Year with the grands. Don't mind the nasty bib, his face was just too cute to not post:

Ami's friend Cara, Ami and I rang in the New Year with a midnight 5k run along the river downtown. That shine on my face is frozen sweat. It was 26 degrees.

Brigham, Hunter and Seth. Great kids and they're not bad looking, either.

Happy 2009! My motto for the year is "It couldn't be worse than 2008." Catchy, no?


Brooke said...

Love the frozen sweat comment. That seriously is a great way to start the new year. Way to go girls. And yes, I would have to say your 2009 motto fits pretty good!

natalie said...

You and the Nielson's should share the motto. Good grief! Here's to happier times ahead.

Staci Kramer said...

I too am a fan of greeting carolers with a few empahtic window licks. also...a 5k on New Years Eve? Are you crazy? There are only a few things I hate in life and three of them are cold weather, the outdoors and exercise. The thought of all three together is pretty horrifying.

Becky said...

Hannah decided that baby Jesus needed a little white poodle with a pink tail, Nativities are never boring with 3 year olds! Loved the elf jammies, cracks me up. Happy new year!

soawesomeimightgetarrested said...

love the motto...and the 'tude.