Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Five Favorites

I was tagged by my friend Shandolynne to post five of my favorite things. Just assume my boys, my family and my friends top the list. The five I'm sharing are of the less-obvious variety.

1. This actually combines two favorites, paper arts and the color pink. I love to have my hands busy and need to be creative or my brain gets mushy feeling, not to mention grouchy. I also love the color pink, and I've noticed over the years that the more males there are in my life, the more I love pink.

2.Edamame. Love it! That makes me sound like a bit of a granola cruncher, and you all know I am so NOT a granola cruncher, but I do love edamame. Cheesecake Factory has an edamame appetizer that can't be beat: it's really good and it's only about $4.50.

3. Diamonds. Might as well be oxygen to me. You know that part of Wall-e where the robot finds the box, takes out the ring, tosses it into the rubbish and keeps the box? I cry every time and then make my family back up the movie to right before he tosses the ring so I can be happy again. (Not really... but I think about it.) This is my dream ring. Has been for years. It's a Tiffany round brilliant with two pear shaped side stones in platinum. It's not too showy, you could wear it everyday and it's timeless, not to mentioned remarkably affordable: the 2 carat one starts at a very reasonable $35,500.

4. M&Ms. I was potty trained using M&Ms and I have often wondered over the years if I potty trained well because I love M&Ms so much or if I love M&Ms so much because at a very early age good behavior was rewarded with them. (Which came first, the chicken or the egg...?)
I always have M&Ms on hand. In high school my friends could ask me for some at any given time and I could usually pull at least two kinds out of my backpack. I have recently discovered that I really like refrigerated plain M&Ms. I discovered this because the M&Ms I had in my car froze.

5. Matt's curly black hair and green eyes. Absolutely stunning. This combination will forever be one of my all time favorite things. I loved his eyes from the very beginning, while the crazy curly hair was a surprise. He didn't grow his hair out long enough to curl until we'd been married about 3 years or so. Playing with that hair is one of the things I miss the most about Matt.

Sami, Ryan H., Jeana, Cami and Brooke, consider yourselves tagged.


SeiterClan said...

Hi Brenda! I found your blog randomly on the Orrs blog & I'm so glad I did. Marcus & I really miss you guys & think about you often. I just started a blog for our family so check it out sometime! I will be sure to keep up with yours.:)Take care, Jenn

Brooke said...

It has been a while since I was tagged so thanks! I will have to ponder for a bit before I do mine....

Have you ever tried microwaving plain m&m's? It is delish! The shell stays hard but the insides are warm and soft. I do like them cold as well.

natalie said...

I'm glad you posted a picture of Matt. :) And I'm so sorry you had a bad day yesterday.
I thought about that part in Steel Magnolias when Claree offers up Ouiser for M'Lynne to hit at Shelby's funeral. Ha!
And then Ouiser called Claree a pig from hell. HA!

- lola jae said...

oh man! i always hated tag as a child. never liked to be "it." i'll see what i can come up with. i agree with you on the paper and the m&m's. those will definitely be in MY top five.

Becky said...

I'm so glad that you put up a picture of Matt. Put more up, I loved it! oh and btw cooking and anger with me not a good match, I've burned or under baked everything today! I give up, I'll just eat everything in the house instead.

Another btw, cheesecake factory edamame our next trip. I LOVE edemame too!

Ryan and Bethany said...

5 of my favorite things.

1. Dr. Pepper, such a great beverage, I am limiting myself to one a week at least when I don't need the caffeine.

2. My iPhone, the fact that I have had it for 1 1/2 years is amazing since I usually get bored with phone in 6 months and buy a new one.

3. My car, I still can't believe that I won it.... 136,000 miles and still no car payment.....

4. Chicken wings, so good especially hot ones.....I am toying around with a curry recipe for wings.

5. Pizza, I could eat it every day.

So there they are.....