Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Strictly Confidential

This is a cute kid. I don't feel like this is a matter of me expressing my opinion, I really feel like it's more a statement of an indisputable fact.
Brigham was really embarrassed by the story I'm about to post, and he tried to make me promise not to tell anyone, but I wouldn't. Do try to keep it on the DL though, would ya?

When I picked Brigham up from school yesterday he was looking particularly cherubic. As we settled into the car he poked his head up front by me. I said "Oh my goodness you're cute!" He looked closely in the rear-view mirror and said, "Oh I AM!"
It's amazing to me how confident little kids can be. It makes me sad to think about how that will undoubtedly change over their lives. We're all born with the confidence that we are awesome and that we can do great things. Think about your childhood dreams and ambitions. You probably wanted to be an astronaut or a pro athlete or a senator from Rhode Island. (Okay, that was me. It's a small state. I thought it would be relatively easy to get elected in a small state.) Even when a kid aspires to be a garbage man, it's because they think the garbage man is really cool, not because they think that's the only job they're capable of getting.
Then somewhere between 12 and adulthood, our trains pull in to reality station and we figure out that for the most part we're all just average people destined to have pretty average lives. Maybe I'm feeling particularly average today because none of my plans for something more interesting are working out right now. I wonder if it's because I haven't formulated the right plan yet. Maybe I should revisit my childhood dream of being a senator from Rhode Island.


Jill said...

This is a very thought provoking post! It makes me think twice about telling my kids they should't be the garbage man. Cause you are right they probably think he is the coolest! Anyhow that probaly didn't make much sense, but I enjoyed your post! And yes we should revisit our childhood dreams! By the way, you have very cute kids!!!

Mom said...

Well, Brenda, I think you would make a great senator for Rhode Island or any other state...maybe Wyoming would be easier to get elected to...size isn't everything you know. Also your take on plans not working out seems very wise--- that maybe you haven't come up with the right plan. Don't give up though. Keep looking and thinking. Then when you get to the point that you can make another choice, good ones will be available. Maybe the best plan for you doesn't exist yet. You do have very cute boys! Love you.

Mel Newton said...

You are still young I say go for the political dreams, A part of me still thinks I can save the world from hunger, homelessness, disease, and also educate the world. Big dreams!! Joel says that sound like a lot of time away from him and the kids, and that he has already lived in a 3rd world country and doesn't look forward to going back any time soon. Dreams sometime take a life time. I have been reading The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, great book, he has a great section were he talks about childhood dreams and how we should not forget them, he mentioned smelling a crayon to remind us of childhood and those dreams. It is always so inspiring to read your blog, I hope to see you before to long.

Kristin Coppee said...

Hey! I'm still planning on being a rock star! WHAT?!?!?!

I've wanted to be a rock star and be in movies since I was a kid. I've talked about it my whole life - everyone reminds me - even from periods of my life I don't remember talking about it.

I'm still gonna' do it. Just watch me. LOL

By the way, I just really enjoy reading your posts. You're a great writer. Maybe THAT'S your calling in life - writing a blog about motherhood for the whole world to read...and making lots of money off of it. Mmm hmm.