Monday, December 14, 2009

The 1st Miracle of Christmas

I read a quote recently that said something about something doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. While I agree with this statement, I have to say that perfection doesn't hurt anything either.

For several weeks this has been the scene in our kitchen: an island out of food prep commission and covered with birdhouses in various stages of done-ness.

I'm not one to accept help when I've got a project going on because I like things just so. The kids always ask and I always say no. But when Hunter asked if he and Brig could put some rhinestones on the birdhouses for the Christmas tree, it warmed my heart. I guess I figured any 4-year-old boy who could properly use the word "rhinestone" in a sentence deserved a little kickback. Either that or I was just really tired of the birdhouses all over the island and wanted them done.

So the first miracle of the Christmas season has taken place in our household...I gave in, and Brigham and Hunter got to help with a project.


Lauri said...

That is a miracle!!! And they did a GREAT job! Better than I would have done!! And it is a little impressive (read, scary) that a 4 year old boy knows that word. My kids don't even know it. They are all 'diamonds' to Alyssa, even sequin.

Quin's momma said...

To Quinlynne, they're "sparklies"...and she's all about them. I should teach her the correct word. After all, I don't want some lower to try to pass off a CZ to her some day and her not know any better. I can't believe you let them help- good momma! AND- they did a great job!!!

Mom said...

The best bird house decorators I ever saw! And when you don't want those houses anymore, you can send them to me. I'll even pay the shipping! Any chance of a picture of the tree with them on it?

Christopher said...

Great birdhouses, but yikes, what's with the grimace Brigham is sporting in both those pictures?!
And what are the plans for those birdhouses after the tree comes down?

Lauri said...

I concur, Chris, what is with the face. I was just looking it over again and he looks so...Mel Gibson in 'Payback.'
And if you don't send them ALL to your mom, I will take some too!!! You guys rock.

dustin and amy said...

I have got to see a picture of this Christmas tree, I'm sure it's fabulous!