Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life with Hunter

Sometimes I find myself wondering if Hunter is coming or going. Sometimes I think he might be wondering himself. His pants are always on backwards, his shirts are often inside out, or backwards, or both...

It's a battle I choose not to fight. I ask him to get dressed, he does, and we're good.
One thing I love about Hunter: he is always good for a laugh. At the track the other night, we were sitting on bleachers right above an ant hill. Hunter was fascinated by the frenzy in which they moved around. "I fink dey're hungry and dey can't find the frigerator."
Then, the next morning, he came into my room almost before the sun was up. Hunter: "You have crazy hair!" Me: "I do?" Hunter: "Yes, it's from your bed."
And just now, the prompting for the post. He was throwing a teddy bear around in the kitchen. I have a pretty strict no toys in the kitchen policy, so I reminded him: "Please don't throw that in the kitchen." Hunter: "I wasn't. I was catching it in the kitchen."


Whitny said...

Wow he looks pretty handsome with that haircut.

Sami said...

Lol - I just love Hunter! He is such a crack up and can make anyone's day better with that smile and a little conversation! :)

Mom said...

He is SO much older! Still adorable, but I miss the curls.