Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's My Birthday

23. There's no "black sheep" in my family. In my family we have a "snob of the family". It's me.
24. I bought a banjo Thursday and I'm not afraid to use it.
25. Once, not very long ago actually, I was sick, pregnant and completely worn out. I'm usually a good housekeeper, but I was getting behind and it was really bothering me, so one day I just sucked it up and went to town. By the time Matt got home from work the house was pristine. He was amazed. In family prayer that night he even thanked the Lord for blessing me with the energy to accomplish so much. I never told him I hired professional cleaners.
26. Being cold is torture to me. A few years ago Matt had a gig in Minneapolis in the winter. On that trip he decided hell is not a hot place, it is a very cold place. I concur.
27. The only thing worse than being cold is handling raw meat, especially chicken.
28. For one of my birthdays when I was a kid, maybe #6 or 7, my parents gave me a pair of red earrings. I wore them with a purple shirt and purple corduroy pants. Apparently it scarred me for life because I still think about it regularly 27 or so years later.
29. I love the word satchel. s-a-t-c-h-e-l Sounds nice, huh?
30. Chocolate cake is one of the best things EVER! But truth be told, restaurant chocolate cake isn't really that great. I have only found three worth having again. Who am I kidding? They are phenomenal. Cheesecake Factory's Blackout Cake, Claim Jumper's Motherload Cake, and Costco's All American Chocolate Cake. Don't say I didn't warn you.
31. If I were independently wealthy I'd have 3 regular indulgences: fresh flowers delivered weekly, my hair professionally washed and blow dried (SO not the same as doing it yourself), and a personal chef.
32. Sometimes I still want to be Miss America when I grow up.
33. I believe closure is overrated.
There you have it! 33 completely random facts about me. You know me so much better now...Thanks for helping me celebrate.


Jill said...

Happy Birthday! It was fun reading about your randomness! I hope you have a fabulous chocolate cake today, after all it is treat Sunday AND your Birthday!

Orr Family said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Brenda, Happy Birthday to you! I thought you could use some singing today!!! It may not have been in TUNE, but non the less it was for you! I hope you have a great day!!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday! Do you play the banjo? I've loved all the Benda tidbits.

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! HAve you ever had the Chocolate Moulton Cake from Chili's??? I think it is to die for. yum!!!

Peterson Family said...

Totally agree with #27... I am a chicken FREAK! I will cook it, etc. but I hate it the entire time I am preparing it, I check for 'pink' the entire time I am eating, I won't order it from restaurants, and I sanitize like crazy after prep.!!

Also after starting off with an 11, my prayers were answered when it came to #16 and I was graciously given mercy in the shoe dept. No more increases... I don't have any more room to grow! :)

Quin's momma said...

I LOVED numbers 25 & 26. Happy Birthday! I read number 25 to Mom and I thought she was going to wet herself laughing so hard.

- lola jae said...

happy 33! i remember mine like it was yesterday :) much love!

Pepple Family said...

Hey Brenda, I found your blog off of Becky's. These last 3 posts about you were fun to read! I LOVE # 25, that is so something I would do! I and definitely agree about chocolate cake. I wish we had a costco here, because they had the best! If any of my neighbors cooked, you would've had a chocolate cake tonight instead of the strawberry disaster! haha!

Leetham5 said...

Happy Birthday Brenda! It was alot of fun reading these facts about you. I agree with you on the chocolate cake and the restaurants, my fav is the one from claim jumpers.

Gardner Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I should have thought ahead of time when I started reading your posts and mailed you a chocolate cake. I have some great recipes that I am sure you would love. Hope you had a great day you definitely do deserve it. Oh and I will agree with you on MAC. You and I should go raid the MAC store if you are ever in Denver! How can any girl possibly live without MAC!! Have a great rest of your day...or what is left of it anyhow.

Julie said...

I hope you had a great day!!I love reading your blog and seeing the truthfulness of who you are!!! You continue to uplift and amaze me...I think about you and your family often and look forward to your next visit!!! Hope all is well!!

Love you lots!

Lauri said...

First of all I am soooo jealous that you bought a banjo! I want to learn to either play that or the mountain dulcimer, but don't have any time right now.
Secondly, PF Changs has a great chocolate cake called 'The Great Wall.' It's like 8 layers. My dad and Hernan shared a piece once and only finished half!

Angela said...

Ok number 25 is priceless and hilarious but makes me wonder....WHY have I never thought of that?!?!? 26 and 27 are SO ME ~ I hate cold and raw meat makes me gag at times! Don't get me started on getting my hair washed at the salon ~ man that is one of the best things EVER!!!

lumz said...

Brenda, your blog always makes me smile, sometimes cry, but always smile....