Thursday, April 16, 2009

Memories and Peace

Hey remember that one time when I said I would download our Houston pictures and post about the trip the next day...?

My camera and my laptop are incommunicado. Does that have two "m"s? No matter, you get the point. I have not been able to retrieve my pics yet. So you get another post sans photos.

I'm thinking that I don't post enough about Brigham. You know Seth is the Cutest Baby on the Planet. Hunter is probably the Funniest Kid on the Planet (yesterday he was watching Seth play and he said, "I almost like Baby Seth.") And Brigham is the Smartest. Yesterday Brigham went on a walk with Grandma and Seth. He bailed early on and when Grandma and Seth got back to the house, they found Brigham sitting cross-legged on the front porch, palms up, thumbs and middle fingers touching, chanting "OM" (or however you spell it).

When Grandma asked him what he was doing, he informed her that he was meditating. Meditation, after all, brings back memories and gives you peace. So says the 6-year-old anyway. Apparently, during some quality RV time on our Texas trip, one of Brigham's cousins told him if he meditated it would bring back good memories and give him peace. He's all for it, though in short spurts. After a couple more "oms" on the porch, he hopped up, said he'd had enough peace for one day and ran off to play.

On the spectrum of things learned from an older cousin, it could have been a lot worse.


Brooke said...

ha ha. Yeah, if that is the worst thing he learned, I'd say you are okay. I can just picture that. ha ha. Maybe Brigham is trying to take Hunter's title from him! :)

Jeremy said...

What he needs to do is teach Hunter the trick of Meditation. That would give everyone Peace... Your right! Brigham is very smart. I remember thinking that a few times. I think Hunter can be the funniest kid on the planet sometimes. One time I called him "Huntor" and he corrected me. Yet he still calls me "Germy" That cracks me up... LOL

Staci Kramer said...

These stories are priceless. Brigham is not just smart he is a deep thinker. I have always thought he was special and there have been a lot of things since the accident that show that again and again. Im glad you are recording these funny stories.